Hello! I’m Danely.

Pronounced: /dä – nell – lēē/

I was born and raised in Southern California in the U.S. As the eldest daughter of two Mexican migrants, I take a lot of inspiration from the rich story telling streak of my heritage. I’ve combined this over the years with my natural affinity for English Language and Literature. I am a fan of black-and-white photography, movies, and rock n’ roll music. As a lifelong adventure seeker, I love exploring all that Earth and Nature has to offer whenever possible.

Danely Ramos Segoviano is actually my full name, but it’s quite a mouthful so I use a shorter version or the nickname “D.” Use it wisely. In 2012, I completed my B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. While attending UCSB, I studied creative writing at both the University of Sussex and King’s College London in England as an exchange student. I completed my M.A. in English: Literature from California State University, Dominguez Hills in 2018. Somewhere among all this, I had some time to work in law as a legal assistant and complete a Certificate of Paralegal Studies from UCLA which, surprisingly, still comes in very handy.

Because I wanted to give myself a challenge, I self-published a short poetry book titled Remembrance of a Lover Lost in 2018 through Amazon Kindle. This was followed by a prose and poetry book titled Memoria of Love Regained in 2020. To learn more on these two projects, head on over to my books tab above. I hope you take a leap of faith and check them out; I wrote them with a lot of love for the poetic craft and instilled in them little jewels of cultural references.

I launched a literary review blog called Read House Review in 2021 to encourage literacy and provide readers with some of my thoughts on the books that are on my own book shelf, but I also wanted to provide myself with some kind of alternative outlets. It’s my intent to eventually expand and create a full body of work and Notes from Danely (2022) is the revival of a previous public online diary. I hope you take the time to check all it out.

My next book, tentatively titled Smalltown Boy, is in the works. But, since I’m the quintessential overachiever and workaholic, I do hope to eventually complete a PhD in English, so I am putting that out into the universe for it to work its magic. As they say, it’s either dream big or dig a deeper hole. Please, follow me on your preferred social media; I’d love to connect with you.

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