And that’s the tea, Sis.


20 SEPTEMBER 2022: I continue to add posts from my European tour in 2021. It was a re-do from a mini-tour I did while an exchange student in London back in 2011-2012. Chronicling, journaling, having a diary are simply different names for the same activity. There is real personal and professional value in keeping good records of the events in your life. #wordbyword

On REPOST 11 MAY 2022: This draft of my teaching philosophy is consistent with widely used narratology, creative writing, and psychology theories in education. It incorporates the longstanding traditions of the English language, literature, and film adaptation. I chose it, specifically, as my first addition to this public online diary. Alan, purportedly, loved to diary. It’s due to be published by his lifelong partner, Rima Horton. Hopefully, I get to read it soon. And, cross-my-fingers, I hope to expand on my version too. Cheers!

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